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 Last updated - 21st  February 2018

Sai Home



  St.Andrew’s C of E School

  Totteridge Lane


  N20 8NX

Spiritual Showers

Date - 15/01/2017

2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre

Sai Spiritual Showers is a form of Study circle conducted at Mill Hill by going through various Spiritual videos.  Parents, Guardians and Office bearers assemble in Back Hall after Bhajans for some Spiritual Food.  We go through various videos and discuss if any concepts that needs elaboration. Sometimes we do watch these wonderful videos with a sense of awe rather than mere talking …

Swami Vivekananda says: “This quickening impulse cannot be derived from books. The soul can only receive impulses from another soul, and from nothing else. We may study books all our lives, we may become very intellectual, but in the end we find that we have not developed at all spiritually.”

Date - 22/01/2017

Date - 29/01/2017

Live Streaming of National Orientation Conference UK 2017

Date - 05/02/2017

Study Circle on ‘Expansion is My Life’

Date - 12/02/2017

Date - 26/01/2017

Sri Ajit Popat (Puppet) talk on Maha Shivrathri 2017 at Prashanti Nilayam

1st Talk of Prof Anil Kumar during National Orientation Conference UK 2017

Date - 24/02/2017

Date - 12/03/2017