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 Last updated - 21st  February 2018

Sai Home



  St.Andrew’s C of E School

  Totteridge Lane


  N20 8NX

Youth Seva

Sairam Dearest elders, youth and children,

With Swami's Grace, due to an exceptional response  we received  from the youth and children during Narayan Seva for Homeless  carried out in December 2015  we are pleased to host our next Regional Narayan Seva which is taking place on Sunday 7th February 2016.

This time we will be aiming to visit two places in Central London which is Strand (as usual) and London Bridge.

Link to Sign up and update

Please see below following food Items required  as contribution:

Croissants (x100),

Pain au chocolat (x100)

Crisps (x100)

Cereal bars  (x100)

Chocolate Bars (x100)

Fruits (oranges or apples) (x100)

Water bottles (x100)

Any other packed Savoury such as Samosa or Puffs or Sandwiches(x100)

As it is winter, if it's possible MH are also extending the seva to provide clothing to the Homeless which they are desperately in need of.

Please see below the list of items for clothes (PLEASE ENSURE TO PROVIDE ONLY BRAND NEW CLOTHES)

Blankets (x100)

Wooly Hats (x100)

Sleeping Bags(x100)

Track Pants (x100)

As Swami always wants us to provide items that are as good as we use to the homeless as well, we youth really appreciate sincere effort is taken to ensure fresh and brand new items are contributed.

We will be packing on Saturday, 6th February at Sister Gowri's house. Her address is  1 Mill Close. Off Holders Hill Road. NW7 1LP. Timing will be confirmed soon

We also appreciate people with cars to come forward to help for transportation on  that date.

Please email Br Dharmesh and Br Aneet at the following email addresses if you wish to contribute and for further clarifications

Look forward to a fabulous Seva time with all of you on 7th of February 2016.

Jai Sai Ram

2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre