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 Last updated - 21st  February 2018

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Prema Jyoti


Prema Jyoti - The beacon of love is a quarterly publication of Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill. Prema Jyoti is based on the Centre’s activities during the term and is run by volunteers in the organisation. The articles generally include discourses given by our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, medical talks, archives of guest speakers’ talks, SSE articles, centre photographs of various events, Veda and Yoga articles, and etc. The Prema Jyoti editorial team is always looking for devotees to participate in any capacity, including editing, collecting articles or contributing articles. Increasingly, we are looking to include personal experiences with Swami, spiritual poems and short stories. Thus, we kindly request those who are interested in assisting the team to please come forward and give their articles to the editorial team or the Centre Chair. We will endeavour to publish any contributed articles in suitable publications and wholly thank devotees for their support.


Prema Jyoti - Volume 1 - July to September 2012: Download

Prema Jyoti - Volume 2 - October to December 2012: Download

Prema Jyoti - Volume 3 - January to March 2013: Download

Prema Jyoti - Volume 4 - April to June 2013: Download

Prema Jyoti - Volume 5 - July to September 2013: Download

Prema Jyoti - Volume 6 - October to December 2013: Download

Prema Jyoti - Volume 7 - January to March 2014: Download 

Prema Jyoti - Volume 8 - April to June 2014: Download

Prema Jyoti - Volume 9 - September to December 2014: Download

Prema Jyoti - Volume 10 - January 2015: Download

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