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 Last updated - 15 Sep 2017

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2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre


1. One of the things we constantly remind our students is: Study to be Steady!

2. Bhagawan never meant that we should stop giving or receiving information or that thoughts should not be formulated on the basis of information. Bhagawan only meant that we must learn to use our minds as instruments and switch them off when not needed.

3. The capacity to use the mind effectively on one subject with concentration is what we need to teach the kids. The mind could thus be compared to a pencil. If the pencil started writing on its own accord, it would fail to be a fit instrument in the master's hand. So too the mind needs regulation.

4. Bhagawan gives a wonderful analogy of two racing horses. He says, “When two horses are galloping side by side, the slower one too is seen to move in sync with the faster one. This is because it bucks up in order to keep pace with the faster one; this happens naturally. So too, when you are in My presence, your mind is elevated till it matches my vibrations.”

5. “Why do you need these specs? It is because your vision is defective. They help you to operate and navigate around theworld; though they are burdensome, you need them. But when your vision is corrected, you will throw them away. So too with the mind, you need it now. But once you are more spiritually mature its role is redundant.”

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Wrong conduct has entered field of education. Money is paid to gain admission into schools and colleges, and to acquire marks and degrees. The teacher does not transmit good taste, attitude or outlook; it is all a matter of books and more books. More value is attached to information and its collection; no attempt is made to gain personal transformation and to correct one’s habits and characteristics!

How did the great artists who drew the frescoes of Ajanta and carved the temples of Ellora learn their trade? Did they attend any school? They learnt from teachers, the master craftsmen who were inspired artists.

Books cannot give guidance and inspiration for real good work.

Worldly aspects must be harmonised with spiritual aspects to lead a full life. Only then can an individual have self-confidence and avoid the imitative path.

Divine Discourse, Jan 5, 1975

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True essence of education

The story of Prahlada who is an ideal student with humility and discipline. A short drama in front of Swami. Beautiful drama. Please watch it with children. Only 10 minutes long.