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   St.Andrew’s C of E School

   Totteridge Lane


   N20 8NX

Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill - affiliated to SSSSO UK

Ideal Mothers

It was because Aryamba was a devoted and pious woman, and observed sacred practices that the great world-teacher, Adi Shankaracharya was born to her. For Vivekananda to achieve worldwide renown, his mother's sacred life was responsible.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was able to preach the sacred doctrine of love to the world and achieve greatness because of his mother's good qualities.

As Is the Seed, So Is the Plant

Mothers of those days led a pure and pious life, cherishing sacred thoughts, fostering virtues and setting an example to the world. If the mothers are good, there will be no room for bad behaviour by the children. Although parents may appear innocuous like fig fruits, they are responsible for the misbehaviour of their children, like worms inside the fruits.

Divine Discourse on Easwaramma Day, May 6, 1993


SSE Classes - Gurus Report

Gita - Bhakti Yoga class

We have learned the chanting of last sloka of Bhakti yoga -

Ye Tu Dharmyaam Amritam-idam Yathoktam Paryupaasathey

Shraddha Daana Mat Parama Bhaktaastetiva Mey Priyaaha

For Swami’s Birthday we are preparing to offer whole Bhakti yoga by SSE students without seeing the verses on the screen.

We have picked students who are regular in learning and better at chanting. Also it is opened to whole class who are willing to participate by putting up the effort to learn the verses.  Few students like Sahana, Sharnya, Shrey and Small Darshan joined in by showing enthusiasm. This week Thursday, Friday and Saturday to call up students individually and go through the preparation.

SSE Bhajan

Thought for the day from Prashanthi

Bhajan: Sai Hamara Ham Sai Key Aisa Prema Hamara

Sai Pitha Aur Mata Sai

Deena Dayala Daata Sai |Sai Pitha...|

Sai Guru Sai Sakha Sahodara

Sai Sathya Shiva Sai Sundara

Veda Upanishad Geeta Sai |Deena|


Chant the Holy name of Sai who is our father and mother and who is the protector of the weak and downtrodden. HE is the preceptor, friend and sibling. HE is verily the Truth, the Goodness and the Beautiful. HE is the embodiment of Vedas, the Upanishads and the Geeta.


The main objective of SSE Bhajans is to motivate the children so that they are able to sing and enjoy the words and melody of Bhajans. We believe that such encouragement will boost a child's interest in bhajans and make them learn more.

The Mahishasura mardini Sthothram, written by the great saint Adi Shankara, is an ancient chart that explains the victory of the Divine Mother over the demons in the battle of good versus evil. The demons are representations of negative tendencies in human beings. Please click here for Lyricls

Bhajan of the Week

Group 4 - LOTUSS

This week Darshan writes.

This session commenced with Brother Bhaskar lighting the lamp for Swami's picture. We chanted three aums led by Sister Vani. We recapped from the previous parts of chapter 2:


'Sanctify the body' - Summer Showers in Brindavan 1990 and touched upon previously covered material and further developed on this in today's session.

We drew upon relatable scenarios and discussed them using the internet for help. After that, we spoke about Sathvik foods and discussed that Sathwik food does not mean just food taken through the mouth but includes anything taken through any of the five senses. This then aids in leading a sathwik living. We then went onto discuss community based seva (service) and spoke about feeding the homeless suggested by Sister Kripa and hope to organise this in the near future.

We also discussed about inviting a guest speaker to talk about Sathvik foods and lifestyles hoping to do this in the upcoming weeks. We are also planning to shadow the centre's wing coordinators to help enhance our skills and give us a feel of roles and responsibilities of various wings. We also briefly updated each other about the Christmas activities run by the LOTUSS group and finally concluded the session with an aum and three shanthis.

Jai Sai Ram

MP3   Part 1

MP3   Part 2

MM_Part1.mp3 MM_Part2.mp3

Sathya Sai National Acquacare project

With the divine blessings of our beloved Bhagawan, we are delighted to bring to your attention a wonderful service opportunity in Africa. As part of our Sathya Sai National Aquacare Project, 2 bore wells are being dug in Nigeria and Tanzania which will provide safe drinking water to the local population.

This work is being carried out under the guidance and supervision of the Sathya Sai International Organisations in these countries

MillHill Navratri Celebration - Offering to Sai Maa by Mahilas (Ladies)


By SSE Student Shobini

By Swami Student Sis Sathya

By SSE Student Shankhavi - Veena

Bhajan Medley by Girls



We combined the pre nursery and foundation group for the first half of the lesson. We did our prayers and played a brain training game. Dhariya and Ananya from pre nursery behaved very well in the class.

It was Diwali and the lesson was about Diwali. Children were told Diwali is a Hindu festival and we celebrate in October this year. The night before Diwali we clean the house and on Diwali day we wake up early, take a bath and were new clothes.In the evening we go to the temple and say special prayers and light divas. We give each other sweet food and decorate the floors with coloured patterns called Rangoli and our hands with mehndi patterns. In the  night we light fireworks to chase away the darkness.

Parvathy and Anamika were given rangoli patterns to colour and Anamika finished it so beautifully.

Group 1

As we are celebrating our dearest Swami’s Birthday this week, we read and discussed the story of His birth and childhood. After discussing the story, we asked the children about Swami’s character. They said that Baba was kind, compassionate, loving towards all creation, happy, bright, clever and hardworking. They said they wanted to be like him by practicing what he teaches. They also realized that Baba is like a father and mother to us and he protects us from any harm if we pray to him.


We used the quote below as our Thought for the day and the children listed all the other “superpowers” that were given by Swami which they could offer to the world as a gift on his Birthday

You are an agent of change. You are here to usher in a brighter tomorrow. Love and compassion are your superpowers. You advocate for those less fortunate. You are brave.You are needed. Your life matters. Laurel Bleadon-Maffei

The list of superpowers the children felt blessed with are:




Good Knowledge





Work hard

Being responsible

Being Organized

They also made a list of areas in their lives which they would try to improve as a gift to him and asked Swami to help in this endeavour. These included avoiding being lazy, mean, fidgety, disorganised or angry. The children gave honest answers and their participation levels were excellent.

Group 2

Lovely to have 2 newcomers to our class today. Welcome Abenash and Kunaasha. This week’s lesson was focussed on developing our game based upon the Ramayana, specifically to see what the children had brought in to aid the branding of our game and get it ready to present.

Krishna earn a Sai Merit for bringing relevant graphics in, and we talked about how we would arrange them. We recapped through what else was required and Vaishali put her creative talents to work drawing relevant pictures. Children, remember to email me with the rest of your pictures, so we can complete the game branding.

Sai Merit to Shrey for volunteering to sing the Bhagavad Geeta. Enthusiasm, determination and commitment goes a long, long way!

Have a wonderful week all. Look forward to seeing you all next week to celebrate Swami’s birthday.

Parents, please help your children to ensure they have the necessary stationery and

remember it for class each week.

Jai Sai Ram!

Group 3

We started the class by talking about Swami Vivekananda and about his life values. He was born in Calcutta in 1863, a place known for its strong culture. As he grew older he became well known in Chicago in 1883 and then later was quite famous in the western society as well. One man asked him why he wore such strange clothes and he replied "In your country, gentleman judge each other through clothes whereas in my country people are considered gentlemen through their characters virtues and actions."

We then discussed this powerful message in class and what it meant to others. We also talked about what has recently happened for example Donald Trump becoming president and how his decisions will affect people in America and elsewhere.

We then ended the class with Om and 3 Shanti's.


Please click here for more information

Akhanda Bhajans and Ladies Day Celebration at Mill Hilll

By Prithi and Lukshi at MillHill Sai Centre on 30/10/2016


Swami’s discourse extract of 20 November 1993, shown at MillHill after Akhand Bhajans

Swami Birthday Celebration at MillHill on 23rd November 2016 at 5 am

What is the goal of human life? At ages 20, 30 , 40 onwards