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   St.Andrew’s C of E School

   Totteridge Lane


   N20 8NX

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Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill - affiliated to SSSSO UK

Shiv Rathri  Slokas for Practice

Thought for the day from Prashanthi

Bhajan: Yug Yug Key Avathaar Thum Hi Ho
Yug Yug Key Avathaar Thum Hi Ho

Merey Ram Merey Shyam Shirdi Sai Parthi Ram

Jag Key Palan Haar Thum Hi Ho

Allah Eshwar Therey Naam

Sabko Sanmati Dho Bhagavaan

Allah Eshwar Therey Naam Shirdi Sai Parthi Ram

Jag Key Paalan Haar Thum Hi Ho


You are the avathaar of the Age. You are my Ram, You are my Krishna, You are the One who resided at Shirdi, You are the One at Parthi. You are the caretaker of the universe. Your name is also Allah, Your name is also Eshwar.

Bhajan of the Week

Read life histories of Saints and Sages

Books are available in plenty, and at very cheap prices. The Vedas, scriptures and Puranas can be obtained and read by everyone. There is also no shortage of gurus. Schools abound and are ostensibly granting the boon of knowledge. Facilities for training the mind are plenty and within reach. When I see the heaps of books that lie around everywhere, I feel that the wisdom inside a book cannot succeed in penetrating the heavy binding and emerge into the light. God is hidden by the mountain ranges of lust, anger, envy, and selfishness. So too, the sun of wisdom is hidden by these huge heaps of books.

Only those who, by means of discrimination, select the books they read and practice what they read - can realise truth and enjoy everlasting bliss. Only those people live worthwhile lives. Therefore, those who seek the highest path and who revel in thoughts of God should strive to read only the life histories of saints and sages and books that help the contemplation of the Divine.

Aimless reading of books of whatever comes to hand will make confusion only worse. It gives no profit nor peace.

Prema Vahini Ch 3

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2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre

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