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   St.Andrew’s C of E School

   Totteridge Lane


   N20 8NX

 Last updated - 24 March 2017

Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill - affiliated to SSSSO UK

SSE children enjoying Holi festival after classes

Part 4 - Professor Anil Kumar at NOC 2017 and UK Satsangs

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Swami’s discipline for Bhajan Singing


Why do Sai bhajans have 2 speeds bhajans ?

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Why is Punctuality so important ?

Why do we chant 3 Aumkars ?

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Mill Hill Bhajans on 12th March 2017

* Please note we are working on splitting it into track wise which makes it easier to load. It is advised to play below  track only if you are on WiFi connection

manasā satatam smaraṇīyam

vacasā satatam vadanīyam

lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||dhṛ||

Let us always remember,

Let us repeatedly speak out:

Our duty is to do good to humanity.

na bhoga bhavane ramaṇīyam

na ca sukha śayane śayanīyam

aharniśam jāgaraṇīyam

lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||1||

Let us not focus on material pleasures

Nor lay in the lap of luxury;

Let us be awakened always that

Our duty is to do good to humanity.

na jātu duaḥkham gaṇanīyam

na ca nija saukhyam mananīyam

kārya kṣetre tvaraṇīyam

lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||2||

Let us not enumerate our sorrows

Nor constantly reflect on our happiness

Let us step up to take action:

Our duty is to do good to humanity.

duaḥkha sāgare taraṇīyam

kaṣṭa parvate caraṇīyam

vipatti vipine bhramaṇīyam

lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||3||

Let us sail over oceans of misery,

Let us scale mountains of difficulty.

While roaming through the jungle of adversity,

Our duty is to do good to humanity.

gahanāraṇye ghanāndhakāre

bandhu janā ye sthitā gahvare

tatra mayā sancaraṇīyam

lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||4||

Be it a dense forest of extreme darkness

Or surrounded by kith and kin

When we travel these paths,

Our duty remains - to do good to humanity.

We would like to share an Inspiring song - Manasa Satatam along with lyrics and meaning

With advent of Mother's day, we would like to share a story of a daughter’s loving gift to her Mom. This is Nadja’s story of how she was inspired to paint a portrait of Swami as an offering.

I was very moved by you (Ahilan) calling my paintings 'offerings'. One day in my studio, I decided it was a good time to make another offering. Also, I hadn't painted Sai Baba yet in oil paint, my favorite medium. The picture I chose was from his daily emails by his devotees. When I saw that picture, it looked so unusual and captivating that I saved it to paint it.

Some details about the painting process as it was a fascinating experience. I put the painting in my living room (it's a large painting - 60cm x 76cm (or 24 x 30 inches) and almost lifesize.) We noticed that wherever in the room we stand, Swami's eyes follow us. It doesn't matter if we stand to the extreme left, centre, or extreme right, his eyes follow us... the colour and vibrancy of the actual painting is incredible.

The first 2 days I painted Sai Baba, I was slightly discouraged because Swami’s likeness wasn't coming. I kept asking Swami to show himself to me so that I could paint him. Then I put it away for about 3 weeks and painted other things. When my mom's birthday was quickly approaching, the idea

came that I was to give the painting of Sai Baba to her as a birthday present. Another idea came to turn both the painting and the picture I was painting upside down. This allowed me to forget that the likeness wasn't coming and just keep painting. After 3 and a half hours of this, I turned it right side up to see if it was Sai Baba after all. And it was! it was a wonderful likeness!

I spent another few hours refining some features; I was very pleased that Swami allowed his likeness to come through. I knew my mom would be very glad. The likeness came once I knew I was meant to give it to her for her birthday.

Sai Baba is always teaching about loving our mothers. My relationship to Sai Baba is from my mom and her relationship to Swami.

Painting Sai Baba instills a deep peace. Being so close to him, recreating his face and features with such close detail is a real gift of grace. One can look at the painting and imagine being so close to his face with each brush stroke. I don't think the painting stern; instead I feel it is a deep experience of closeness, knowing that his mind is very clear and knowing.

I enjoyed your interpretation of his buttons being on his chakras! and yes, his light is certainly radiating to all who see this (and don't see it).  My mom said you have put the bhajans  online on Mill Hill website. Thank you! I will be happy to listen.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's tips to students on Examinations

1. Practice Writing at Home

In spite of reading well, when students go to the examination hall, they don’t perform satisfactorily, they don’t do well. What’s the reason? This is because they only read, they don’t practice writing. While preparing for exams, you only read. But during the examination, you have to write there in the examination hall. Thus, it’necessary that you should practice writing even at home. What you do in the examination hall must be practiced at home . You read at home and then you write in the examination hall. There is no relationship between the two. While reading you may not understand certain aspects but while writing you will certainly understand them. So you should practice writing often. The more you write and practice at home, it will help you in the examination hall. Even if they are known things and you think you are wasting paper by practicing writing, it doesn’t matter. You should practice. The lack of writing practice is the only reason why students don’t succeed in examinations.

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Diary Note: Sai Aradhana Homam at Mill Hill on Sunday 23 April 2017

2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre