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Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill - affiliated to SSSSO UK


Sri Rudram


Gita - Bhakti Yoga

Grenfell Tower Seva

On 14th June 2017, the Grenfell Tower tragedy struck. A fire that started in one flat spread with lightning speed to engulf the 24 storey building leaving behind a community shattered and residents mourning the loss of loved ones. The scale of this tragedy was witnessed first hand by our team on the ground the very next day after the incident, partaking in the huge relief effort to bring comfort. The misery etched on the residents faces brought so many ordinary citizens from all races, religions and service organisations together to work in glorious harmony to move mountains of donated goods to the Council Town Hall and other storage facilities( the main items that flooded in generously from the public were clothing, bedding, food, sanitary items, medical supplies and other daily items we normally take for granted).

Swami’s teachings of ‘brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God’, spurred on a bigger programme of seva between our Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation and the British Red Cross, working in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington to manage the process of receiving used and new donated goods, sorting the goods into various categories such as women, men & children clothing, shoes, bedding, toys and toiletries within a huge warehouse facility in London.

The sorting activity allows the donated goods to be distributed to the affected families in a coordinated manner. On any one day since the disaster occurred there is in excess of 20,000 tonnes of donated goods to be sorted. Volunteers are working beyond the call of duty to ensure that the distraught families receive the aid in a timely manner.

The operation is currently running 7 days a week between 10 am and 6pm at a facility in London and the scope of work is expected to last another 4 weeks. We are touched and grateful to our Mill Hill Sai family for so lovingly giving up their time to go volunteer at the warehouse in London. We have now had a total of 30 Mill Hill devotees attending over the last few weeks with about 10 more new volunteers planning on volunteering in the next couple of weeks.

It was heart-warming to see some of our Mill Hill brothers and sisters take their family and friends from outside the organisation as they were so inspired by this seva activity and felt the positivity to be around people doing their best for those in need.

The seva is ongoing for at least another 4 weeks and anyone interested in joining the activities please contact Brother Vellendra.

 All volunteers must now log their interest and details via this site if they want to get onto the volunteer list.

Thought for the day from Prashanthi

Last Sunday we at Mill Hill were privileged to have a blessed session with Dr Richard Smith. He is one of world's leading gynaecological surgeons and a practicing Christian. He took us on his journey of spirituality and pilgrimages. We understood he is fond of long walks, visiting sacred places and chanting.  Please find his talk here -


Talk by Dr Richard Smith at Centre


Starting from July 2017, Radio Sai humbly offers a set of Karaoke Sai Bhajans andhope to continue this endeavour through this year right until the 92nd Birthday of Bhagawan in November 2017.

On Sunday 23rd July, members of Mill Hill Sai Centre’s Youth wing helped organise the annual SSE Sports Day for Balvikas students and their families. Given that the weather was rather poor in the lead-up to the event, we were anxiously considering whether or not it should go ahead. However, we decided to push on with our preparations and let Swami take care of everything else! Therefore, with a lot of spirit and smiles on our faces, we set-up various activities in preparation for Sports Day.

After the children and their families had arrived, we quickly divided them into 4 teams that represented all but 1 of the human values. In activities ranging from ‘Coconut Shy’ to ‘Ocean of Love’, everyone learned to display the important qualities of teamwork, resilience, and the ability to overcome obstacles. To top it all off, we even had our Centre Chair, Uncle Gerry, willingly participate in the ‘Tug of Love’ and also agreed to let students throw wet sponges at him for answering some SSE questions incorrectly!

Ultimately, it turned out to be an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone involved. I would like to earnestly thank all those who helped organise Sports Day, and I am personally grateful for having had the opportunity to serve the Centre in this capacity. I hope that next year, even more people take the opportunity to attend this fantastic event!

SSE Sports Day @ Millhill on 23rd July

Its Summer BBQ Time along with Sports

Bhagavan had blessed us with clear skies for our summer BBQ on Sunday 23 July 2017. This was being looked forward to by adults and children alike. The food was lovingly prepared by the parents and the BBQ soon became a fun filled activity as a backdrop to the SSE sports activities taking place on the common. A range of soya, vegetable skewers, salads and ice cream at the end topped an eventful day for parents and children alike. This activity brought a strong sense of togetherness and unity which saw happiness etched upon everyone's faces. We hope to make this an annual family event going forward.

Ultimately, it turned out to be an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone involved. I would like to earnestly thank all those who helped organise Sports Day, and I am personally grateful for having had the opportunity to serve the Centre in this capacity. I hope that next year, even more people take the opportunity to attend this fantastic event!

Thursday Divine Darshan (updated weekly)

MillHill Bhajans on 06th August 2017


Once, Yashoda reprimanded child Krishna saying, "Oh! My dear Krishna! You don't eat the food I prepared for you. You go to the houses of the milkmaids and stealthily eat the butter stored in their houses. You are creating problems for me. Is it that the butter suffused with mother's love does not taste good for you?" So saying, she tied Krishna to a mortar with a rope. It is everybody's experience in the world that we do not like the food cooked in our own house. The items cooked in others' houses will appear to be tasty. This is quite natural. However, Krishna did not steal the butter from others' houses for its taste. There is an underlying message in this leela. Here, butter symbolises a pure heart. Wherever such a pure heart is available, Krishna takes it. Such a pure heart will be soft and sweet. The hearts of Gopis were ripened with devotion. They were pure, soft and sweet. Hence, Krishna had gone to their houses to steal their hearts.

Krishna is referred to as "chora" (thief). What does He steal? He steals the butter-like hearts of the Gopis, hearts which are pure, soft and sweet. If you address someone as chora (thief), he will be annoyed. But if you call Krishna as "chiththa chora" (stealer of the heart), He will enjoy this appellation. That is why, devotees sing in praise of the Lord most endearingly "Chiththa chora Yashoda Ke Bal! Navaneetha chora Gopal! Gopal, Gopal, Gopal! Govardhanadhara Gopal!" ("Oh! Yashoda's little Krishna! Oh! Gopala! Stealer of butter! Oh! Gopala! Lifter of the Govardhana mountain!").  - 6th September 2004 morning discourse

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 Mill Hill Sai Centre - Sunday 20th August 2017

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