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 Last updated - 10h December 2017

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   St.Andrew’s C of E School

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SSE Offering to the Divine Master

After having delicious Maha Prasadam, SSE children from Group 1 to Group 3 made an offering to the divine master by writing their thoughts on their relationship with Swami and what they are going to offer at his lotus feet on his 92nd Birthday.

Sister Nita adds

For Swami’s 92nd birthday the SSE children wrote about what Swami means to them. A  myriad of love-filled messages across all ages expressed straight from the heart of our dearest children.  Alongside this, the children made an offering to Swami: a humble offering of: anything that they felt they could improve upon, or wished to achieve, or have been meaning to do for a long time, or even improve upon one aspect of their character. As long as it was realistic and they committed to it, it was seen as a true offering to our beloved Bhagavan.

All messages and offerings were written down on heart shaped paper and presented together.

Following on from this loving exercise, we played bhajan antakshari: Gurus versus Children.  It was a close match, but the children just managed to get slightly ahead of the Gurus. Time for the Gurus to brush up on their bhajans Great fun was had by all.

Sister Riju writes - Some of the children’s thoughts were:

● “Swami is my father who guides me to the right path to help me to be the best I can be.  For Swami’s birthday, I am going to be very kind, loving and respectful to Swami and everyone in the world.”

● “Sai means the holy spirit that guides me through my life until I leave the mortal world. To me, Sai is the love and passion. I pray to him for my family and others around me. On Swami’s 92nd birthday, I‘ll go to town and smile at a person who I don’t know. After this, I will wait until they smile back at me with joy.”

● “Swami is like my mother and father. I will offer seva and show commitment in everything I do.”

● “My relationship with Swami is that; He is everything to me. He cares for me, guides me, loves me and answers my prayers. He is like my mother, father, guru and a teacher. He is also like my friend because whenever I feel low or need help he is there for me. On his 92nd birthday, I am going to offer Swami Purity, love and dedication.”

● “Swami is my teacher; I know I can confide in him, trust him and he will guide me. I will offer always speaking the truth and will always listen to his advice.”

After writing their thoughts on the colourful heart-shaped papers, the children bowed down to Swami and placed their hearts in front of the alter and took blessings from the DIVINE MASTER.

We concluded with Bhajan Antakshari, where we sang Bhajans (gurus vs. children). There is no doubt that the children were far cleverer than their gurus! It was a delight to watch the children’s enthusiasm and the orderly manner in which they were playing.

At the end, we all chanted one Aum and 3 Shantis.

Musical Offering on Swami’s 92nd BirthDay

More information including registration details re: National Christmas celebrations on link below

Date: Sunday, 10th December 2017

Time: 11am to 5pm

Venue: Cheltenham Ladies College, Bayshill Road, GL50 3EP

National Christmas Celebration

Uncle Vadgama’s funeral service will be held at

Golders Green Crematorium,

62 Hoop Lane, London NW11 7NL

at 12 noon on Sunday 10 December

Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill - affiliated to SSSSO UK

Mill Hill Sai Centre has been closed today(10th December) and SSE and Bhajans are Cancelled because of Snow and bad conditions for driving