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 Last updated - 29th April 2017

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It’s the human values, which if put into conscious practise by us, would make valuable human beings out of us. And in so doing, we too would be able to realise our innate divinity besides doing our bit to make the world a better place to live in!

“These five values are verily the five life breaths of man. One who considers human values as his life-breath alone is a true human being. These five values are the fundamental powers of human life. Forgetting these fundamental powers, man relies more on worldly power. Our ancients realised that these five values are meant for the peace and prosperity of the world. Without understanding the significance of these values, one cannot understand humanness at all.”

Sathya Sai Baba, September 26, 2000

Something beautiful for God

Through Swami’s grace and blessings we are able to continue to support the needy living abroad with new garments –both children and adults and they are received with gratitude. This is possible only through your continuing support and generosity.

At present we have several knitters across the country who continues to knit tirelessly for those in need. The generosity of these knitters is overwhelming and all their contributions are delivered largely in Europe.

As we approach summer there will be a need for summer clothes for both children and adults. We are appealing to you to see if you could kindly contribute some new cotton garments- they could be skirts, shirts, shorts, dresses, underpants etc. for all ages and genders.  Alternatively, if you are aware of any company or organisation that could help us with some of their unwanted stocks please do let us know.

For information on delivery or any further information you could speak to either:

Sri.Jeram Patel or Smt. Jyothi Patel (telephone: 0208 551 3979)

Sathya Sai National Human Values Day

Please register on link below

What is Earth Day?

Details on link below.

Earth Day has been promoting environmental awareness and protection since its launch by the United Nations in 1970, and is celebrated globally on April 22nd every year. With World Human Values Day following shortly after on April 24th, there is an opportunity to Commemorate both occasions through activities that honour Sathya Sai Baba's life and His message on the reverence and care for Mother Earth.

Why does it matter? Increasing pollution and Waste, resource exploitation, loss of biodiversity, and deforestation, are having a detrimental impact on Mother Earth and all of Creation. Of great significance is climate change, as growing levels of carbon dioxide are driving the Earth's temperatures up, leading to rising sea levels, flooding and erosion of coastal regions, erratic and extreme Weather patterns, an increased risk and spread of certain diseases, and reduced water quality, among other challenges.

"The five elements - ether, air, fire, Water, and earth - are the vesture of God, as well as of man. Use

them moderately and With Wisdom, with fear and humility."

Sathya Sai Baba (Sathya Sai Speaks (SSS) 07:43: November 24, 1967

Global Sadhana for Aradhana Mahotsavam

Sathya Sai devotees all over the world observe 24th April as the day our loving Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, left His physical form and continues to shower His love as our eternal companion. On this day, each year, devotees honour His life and legacy by remembering Him and practising His teachings.

This year the Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam (offering of love and adoration to Sathya Sai) will be observed for 40 days from 22 March to 30 April 2017.

This 40 days of intense spiritual practice includes the celebration of World Human Values Day on the 24th of April. Devotees are requested to engage in the following activities:

● chanting daily Om Sri Sai Ram (108 times),

● undertaking any service activity, including small daily acts of love and kindness, in thought, word, or deed,

● reading, contemplating, and putting into practice one quote from Swami, every day, from the compiled list of 40 quotes attached. Please click on link below for 40 quotes.

2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre

Ramayana Quiz offered by SSE Group 2 Children

This was a wonderful opportunity for children to turn the tables on our congregation and act as quiz masters. Please watch the video and see how many questions you can answer correctly without help from Radio Sai, Vahinis or guru google !

Sai Aaradhana Homam Photos

We were delighted to host more than 200 devotees and visitors for our first Homam.

Sai Aaradhana Homam  Bhajans Album

Easter egg seva by SSE family - a brief write up by children and their Mum

Sai Ram Dear AdultsAs we all know, it was Easter and lots of children got lots of chocolate eggs to eat, all except the children in hospital. This year we collected many chocolate eggs, so we donated it to the children in hospital. We also had help from our family and friends. As well as buying the children chocolate, we also bought craft sets . I felt pleased knowing that the children will be able to enjoy what I like doing. I thank Swami for giving us this opportunity to bring joy to others.

Aum Sai Ram

Sairam Dear Devotees

When we gave the Easter Eggs to the hospital I felt very happy. I enjoyed going out with my

family and buying chocolate eggs and craft activities. I felt excited to know other children

will be enjoying Easter just like me. Thank you Swami.

Sai Ram Brothers

As a family we decided to contribute to the Easter project. We are grateful to all our family

and friends for their contributions and extremely proud of Saiyuri and Serena for all their

hard work. They thought and spoke about how they would feel if they were in hospital. The

girls enjoyed choosing activities they enjoy and felt the children will enjoy too. Words cannot express our overwhelming gratitude to Swami for providing us with opportunity to serve. Aum sai Ram - Tammy

2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre