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 Last updated - 24th June 2017

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Three kinds of Silence

The ancients practised three kinds of silence. The first was silence of the tongue, the second one was silence of the mind, and the third was supreme silence.

1. Silence in speech meant confining one’s speech to the limit and the needs of the occasion. By this discipline, excessive talk was avoided. As a result, the power of their speech was conserved and enhanced. Discipline in speech also resulted in truthfulness. Speaking the truth served to purify their thoughts. By this means they acquired the highest wisdom. Therefore purity in speech is vital. It has to be achieved by restraint in speech.

2. Then, there is silence of the mind. The mind is a bundle of thoughts and fancies. These thoughts have to be reduced gradually. When thoughts are reduced, the mind naturally comes under control, like a clock that is unwound.

3. When the activity of the mind is reduced, the power of the Atma manifests itself. As a consequence, intellect becomes more active than the senses. When control of speech and control of the mind have been achieved, the state of supreme silence is easily realised.

Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume XXVII,

Chapter 7: Imbibe Bharat’s Ideals.

Something beautiful for God

Through Swami’s grace and blessings we are able to continue to support the needy living abroad with new garments –both children and adults and they are received with gratitude. This is possible only through your continuing support and generosity.

At present we have several knitters across the country who continues to knit tirelessly for those in need. The generosity of these knitters is overwhelming and all their contributions are delivered largely in Europe.

As we approach summer there will be a need for summer clothes for both children and adults. We are appealing to you to see if you could kindly contribute some new cotton garments- they could be skirts, shirts, shorts, dresses, underpants etc. for all ages and genders.  Alternatively, if you are aware of any company or organisation that could help us with some of their unwanted stocks please do let us know.

For information on delivery or any further information you could speak to either:

Sri.Jeram Patel or Smt. Jyothi Patel (telephone: 0208 551 3979)

MillHill Bhajans on 04th June 2017

Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill - affiliated to SSSSO UK


Sri Rudram


Gita - Bhakti Yoga

Swami Sarvapriyananda - Introduction to Meditation and 10 guiding principles

Swami Sarvapriyananda is a dynamic young monk of the Ramakrishna Math. He joined the Ramakrishna Order at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Deoghar, Jharkhand in 1994. Since then he has served the Ramakrishna Mission in various capacities including Vice Principal of the Deoghar Vidyapith Higher Secondary School, Principal of the Sikshana Mandira Teachers' Training College at Belur Math, and as the first Registrar of the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University at Belur Math. At present he is an acharya at the monastic probationers training centre at Belur Math.

On 21 May 2017, parents and elders of Mill Hill Sai Centre were provided with a synopsis of the just completed UK National Seva Conference (Beat with One Heart)

The national conference aimed to bring seva volunteers from across the country so that a common approach and involvement in national projects could be established in the UK. The session began with a very brief outline of the national objectives for doing selfless seva to those in need. The 3 key objectives were:

1. Unity in conducting selfless service projects between centres, regions and at the UK national level

2. Love as the basis for serving those in need

3. Surrendering our actions to Swami when performing service to others as we are not the "doers " but merely instruments of the divine

We then opened up the discussion to parents and elders on what they thought are essential qualities for anyone volunteering on service projects. This drew a lively discussion and some of the key feedback points were:

1. Sharing individual skills, knowledge and life experiences to others at the Centre in regards to doing seva

2. Having humility and removing any ego when participating in service activities

3. Having patience when serving others especially the old and people or animals in distress

4. Adherence to the 5 human values (truth, right conduct, peace, love and non violence) in any form of service we undertake

5. Having a spirit of team work and unity when doing service projects

Next on the agenda was an introduction to the 3 main service projects for the UK Sai Organisation. These are:

1. Refuge UK which support families in need affected by the refugee crisis in the form of basic home items like furniture or home utensils.

2. RSPCA (supporting the UK animal welfare organisation by providing food or pet accessories plus day trips with youth and SSE wings to go out and spend time with abandoned animals in their kennels)

3. Bundles of Joy (making newborn baby clothes for babies born in Puttaparthi and possibly Africa too)

Parents were also happy to get children involved in the animal shelter project but we will provide basic awareness training on working with the animals once we are ready to take a team out there.

The session ended with a short synopsis of the keynote speaker, Sri Abimanyu Kaul, who gave wonderful snippets from his time as a student at Prashanthi. His accounts were engaging and full of humour but brought out some important messages too. The most important one being that we are only the instruments of the Lord and not the "doers". The selfless nature of Swami is our guide when doing any service activities be it at Mill Hill or on national projects. We need to serve with love and humility like Swami did to thousands of people in need always smiling and always giving without any expectation of getting anything back in return.

Service is the first step along the spiritual path - Baba

UK National Pilgrimage: Sai Paduka - In The Footsteps Of Sai

By His Grace, a wonderful opportunity to be part of a pilgrimage this summer to India. Anyone wishing to join the

National Pilgrimage to Prasanthi and Rishikesh from 30 July to 8 August 2017..

The deadline for registration is Wednesday 31st May.

For more details and registration, please click here → SSIO (UK) website

2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre