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   St.Andrew’s C of E School

   Totteridge Lane


   N20 8NX

Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill - affiliated to SSSSO UK

Everyone must develop the spirit of sacrifice.You must serve people with your body.  You have to cherish good and noble thoughts in your mind. You must use your wealth for supporting educational and other institutions to help people. Give food to the starving. This is the way to lead a purposeful and sublime life. Life has been given to you not to become fat yourself. The body is the basic instrument for the practice of righteousness (Dharma). Dedicate your entire time to

service and for the proper discharge of your duties

Divine Discourse 7 July 1970

Our visit to Patanjali Yoga Kutir in Battle, near Hastings and Winchelsea beach

SSE Group 1 Learning about Eid al Fitr through performing children’s comments

It was fun taking part in the Eid play. I was nervous but once I was on stage and after seeing my teachers guiding us, I became more confident.I enjoyed dressing up in colourful clothes. I learnt about how Muslims continue with daily activities when fasting. The most fun part was the class singing the Eid song.

I would like to share with you my experience. The practices always went well. Sometimes it doesn't go as planned but that's ok! This play helped me understand EidulFitir better. I learnt Eid is a three day celebration. I enjoyed acting and building my confidence a little more but with some giggles along the way.

The more I practiced, the better I got in remembering my lines which gave me confidence. My best part in our play was the Eid song. I have now understood how the Muslims pray! I'm looking forward in taking part in more plays. I hope you enjoyed our play.

It was a thrilling experience for me as I got to learn new things and values about Eid. I would like to thank all of the Gurus who have spent lot of their time and energy so selflessly to teach SSE children with steadfastness and devotion to Swami. We are very blessed to be part of this Centre and learn under such wonderful gurus

Sister Denisha our SSE Guru writes . The play provided great insights into how children presented all the information given to them on Islamic faith. They showed so much love, interest, unity and had lots of fun putting it together with the help of your youth who are excellent role models. The youth were amazing in working on script and slideshows with Sister Renu and bringing it all together. Also a big thank you for parents support and their help was very much appreciated. I felt the children understood more about Islam through the play and more offerings of this type will be very beneficial for children in deepening their knowledge and have a good clear understanding of different faiths. For children that are shy and find difficulty in public speaking, this is a great way to build and help them grow in confidence. The play gave all children equal opportunity to grow spiritually and work as a team.

I have no words to describe this wonderful and amazing

experience from the start to the end.

I have learned a lot about Eid. about its prophet and God and how they fast . I want to say a great big thank you to all the team that put this play together. I especially would

like to thank Renu Aunty for putting all her hard work and it all pays off in the end - Akshayan

Nagar Sankirtan at Mill Hill start of Guru Purnima celebration

Chandrakantbhai, who now lives mainly in Parthi, performed the opening ceremony. We were fortunate of his presence as he had just arrived in London.

Fortunate too was our little 4 legged visitor below, witnessing his first Nagar Sankirtan whilst Brother Gerry keeps a watchful eye over proceedings.

A Trip to Hastings – 2nd July 2016

Oneness is the perfect expansion of our inner reality, and another name for spontaneous joy. As we experienced what I can only believe a gift from Swami, I contemplate on whether the purpose of this gift was to come to the realisation of this notion.

It was a day full of exultant joy, happiness and unity. At 7:45am, we eagerly awaited for the pink coach, unaware of the mystical events that were to follow. Age was merely a number, as the children and adults, the youngest being 14 months and the oldest, I ought not guess, were all as excited as each other. As we set off, we chanted 3 Om’s and sang the Ganesh Bhajan ‘Pahi Gajanana Deenavana’ (‘Kindly Protect, O Merciful Gajanana!’).  The coach journey was one not to forget. The SSE children joined the youth to play fun games such as naming the different forms of God without hesitating, and the adults took this opportunity to ignore their cholesterol levels as they enjoyed a couple of vada’s and other treats. We even had our own live Radio Sai entertaining us, as SSE Group 1 student Darshan, now nicknamed ‘Radio Darshan’, took the lead to tell a few spiritual stories.

By Swami’s grace, within 3 hours, we reached the Patanjali Centre, Hastings. It was a simple, yet peaceful ashram. The Patanjali centre was founded by Sri Swami Indrananda Ji, Kirti Uncle’s father-in-law, in 1972. It was a place which advanced public education in the classical teachings of the science of Yoga upon the principles of the highest standards of personal conduct and service to others. We could feel the blissfulness and discipline that was set out in the ashram. The perfect simplicity of the ashram left a lasting memory in all of us. We basked in divinity as we sang bhajans lead by the SSE children, youth and a few new singers, feeling Swami’s presence throughout. Followed by an hour of bhajans, we started singing the mangala aarthi. As Kirti uncle lit the lamp, Swami showered His grace by dropping a flower from the top of His picture - a wondrous moment. We were then enlightened by a short speech by Kirti Uncle and Aunty (Kirti Uncle’s sister-in-law) on the greatness of Swami Indrananda Ji. We sat in admiration as we learned the disciplined and spiritual life he led. He was an inspiration to many, a great soul and a profound source of peace, comfort and joy. He was devoted to Classical Yoga, and believed in humanity. Whilst we were enthralled in the life of Swami Indrananda Ji, our dearest Sai decided to bless the ashram and us by dropping yet another flower from His picture. This time, there was a gasp from the congregation as we sat in awe at the glorious blessings.

We were delighted to be joined by MHSC’s Yoga teachers Sister Niruben, Sister Arunaben and Sister Swati. What better way to reflect on the dedication that Swami Indrananda Ji made to Classical Yoga than to practise the art form ourselves? Guided by the 3 Yoga gurus, we all joined in a short session of Patanjali Pranayams and Meditation. We practised many different types of Pranayams, one being the Kumbhaka Pranayam. As we concentrated on our breathing, stretched our muscles and removed the toxins from within us, we felt revitalised and refreshed. We then relished a wonderful lunch, dishes brought in by the loving aunties. Amidst all the joys indoors, all of us had our attention on the weather, which has a record on playing tricks on us, as we planned to set out to the nearby beach. It was a sporadic show of Swami’s summer showers, as there were sudden intermittent bursts of rain. However, as we set off to the beach, Swami graced us with just the rays of the scintillating sun.

The SSE children were full of excitement as they counted down the minutes till we got to the beach. As soon as we arrived, we felt the strong onshore winds. We all glared at the long line of the vacant shore as each wave of the sea met with the sand. The children ran towards the sea to build their sandcastles, as the sand squished between their shoeless toes. The adults took a moment to fully capture the beautiful view. We sat on the pebbles and rocks, and listened to the water crash against the shore, and watched the white seagulls soaring. What a beautiful creation. All these phenomena are the manifestations of our Divine Sai. It looked so simple, but we all know of the complexity of each matter. Not even the highest skyscraper comes close to Swami’s breath-taking creation.

We then headed back to the Patanjali Centre, to treat ourselves with some delicious dessert. A joined effort was made by everyone to clean the centre and leave it just the way it was when we first entered. It was then time to head back home. It was yet another unforgettable coach journey. The SSE children were still full of immense energy, and played games together. For some adults, it was a time to share their wonderful past experiences and comment on how enjoyable the trip was. For others, it was the perfect time for a good nap after a long but exciting day. As we approached the coach stop, we chanted ‘Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu’ (‘Let all the world’s be happy’).

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without Kirti Uncle, who was kind enough to let us visit his father-in-law’s Yoga centre. On behalf of the centre, we would like to thank him very much for his generosity. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the MHSC Yoga teachers, Sister Niruben, Sister Arunaben and Sister Swati, who took the time to come with us and help us practice Yoga. We must also thank the adults who kindly brought delicious food for everyone. Last but certainly not least, we all give our sincere thanks to our dearest Swami for gracing us with this wonderful opportunity. A strong sense of unity was established right from the start of this trip. Regardless of age, we all experienced the same bliss. The significance which is in unity, is an eternal wonder. Below are few words on what others felt about this trip.

“We felt as our we were in mini puttaparthi and when we conducted the Yoga. We also felt that we are in Pantanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar with Baba Ramdev.  There was a very strong vibrations during the whole trip and no doubt we all felt Swami’s presence that he guided all of us.” ~ Sister Niruben, Sister Arunaben and Sister Swati


Sisters Niruben, Arunaben and Swati who take our monthly yoga classes for SSE write. With the Grace of Bhagawan Baba we were invited to be part of this wonderful divine trip with SSE Children, Parents and Gurus to visit Kutir Patanjali Yoga Centre. We definitely felt Swami’s presence during bhajans and whilst conducting Yoga and Meditation. The Children, youth and adults enjoyed the short session of Patanjali Pranayams and meditation. We felt as if we were in mini Puttaparthi and when we conducted Yoga we also felt that we are in Pantanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar with Baba Ramdev. There were very strong vibrations during the whole trip and no doubt we all felt Swami’s presence that he guided all of us.

Also we noticed we did not have any rain when we reached the Kutir (despite heavy showers forecast) and we only had light showers when Sister Raj, Kirtibhai’s sister in law gave her impromptu talk on her father, founder of Yoga Centre and it’s brief history, 2 beautiful white flowers fell from Swami’s photo and after a while rain stopped.

Shivam from SSE wrote . I really enjoyed the trip to Hastings. My favourite part of the trip was the yoga and beach because the yoga was nice and relaxing and the beach was fun, even though it was windy that day!!!! How can I forget the delicious cake and ice cream. Thank you Baba and all the adults. I look forward to the next one.

Dr Nadanachandran’s talk to Mill Hill on the Science of Spirituality

We were honoured to welcome Dr Nadanachandran from Australia, a very eminent member of Sathya Sai World Medical Foundation on his first visit to Mill Hill. He started his talk by stating the importance of faith and gratitude whilst highlighting the conflict of science and spirituality in the 17th century by drawing on example of Bruno and Galileo conflict with Church teachings of that era. He than proceeded to explain the paradigm shift with Einstein’s quote of “spirituality begins where science ends” taking us to modern dance of Shiva with experiments of the Hadron Collider. We were taken of the journey of the Universe of 14 billion years old with Earth at 5 billion years and from inorganic, organic, animal, man to divine.

A brief outline of meditation and the chakra system was given with the rise of kundalini. We were then taken swiftly to “what is science” and “what is spirituality”.


SSE Classes - Gurus Report

Gita - Bhakti Yoga Class

In Gita we have till now completed 17 slokas.  However last 4 slokas some students are not fully well versed.  So we have chanted last 4 slokas till everyone able to chant.

Later on we moved to chanting all 17 slokas in unison to complete the class.

Children are chanting the sanskrit slokas wonderfully in unison.

Recently the speakers who spoke at Mill Hill Sai Centre underlined the importance of Gita and emphasized one should put efforts to learn.  That has profound influence on children, now they are more showing more enthusiasm in learning and chanting.  

Shreyas who comes all the way from Slough, is learning one sloka in advance than one taught in the class. He completed all 20 slokas in Bhakti yoga and started learning  Chapter 1 with Arjuna Vshada yoga.  He is learning by his own with his determination.  

At the end of the Bhakti yoga sessions, if it ignites the minds of atleast few, then purpose is a really blessed opportunity.

Parents please help children practice BG Ch 12 slokas. The Gita slides and audio are available under SSE section.

He spoke whether our ancient Rishis can be called scientists and explained using external and internal paths. He covered the nature of science being the intellectual and practical activity covering systematic study of structure and behaviour of physical and natural world through observation and experiments. Experiments need to be reproducible and independent of an observer. He showed us Einstein’s quote “intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and forgotten the gift”.

He covered the organs of perception and the mind with Swami’s Vahini teachings. How to control the monkey mind and what is the mind and does it exist physically in the brain. He covered the illusion and maya of mind and took us on a journey of meditation what is meditation and why meditate.

This was covered in depth covering different types and schools of meditation. He explained how regular chanting of rudram and vedas can be proven to lead more efficient brain functions in addition to tangible physical body benefits. He concluded by saying humans are hardwired to be loving, compassionate and spiritual and we should all make effort to exploit this gift.

We were delighted and grateful to have had such a clear exposition of the subject.

Multi Faith Prayers

"Different religions were established to pro­mote unity, fellow-feeling and devotion, which are the sacred qualities of man­kind. Religion is intended to develop human personality and indicate the basic guidelines for right living. It enables man to live in harmony with his fellowmen. It is not a restrictive concept. It provides a link between the individual and Divinity. Love, sacrifice, service and righteousness are the four limbs of religion.”   - Baba

To carry forward the sublime ideas of peace and tolerance in a multi-faith and strife-stricken world, and in an effort to bring together a wider community in true spirits, Multifaith prayers are chanted every morning at Mill Hill just before Bhajans. We start with the The Lord's prayer followed by one prayer from a different faith.  Children are encouraged to learn the different prayers of varied religions including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. We believe that Peace begins in the minds of children. Children are taught the fundamentals of human values (Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema, and Ahimsa – Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-Violence) with which all world religions resonate.


The main objective of SSE Bhajans is to motivate the children so that they are able to sing and enjoy the words and melody of Bhajans. We believe that such encouragement will boost a child's interest in bhajans and make them learn more.

In the SSE Bhajan class, children practiced Bhajans "Gopala Radha Lola" and "Murali Krishna Mukundha Krishna Mohana Krishna Krishna Krishna" taught the previous week. First the boys led the bhajans and the girls followed and vice versa. The children were made to repeat the Bhajan after the teacher and then the meaning of the Bhajan word to word was explained to the children as follows.

Gopala ­ The one who looks after / takes care of the cows

Radha lola ­ The beloved of Radha

Murali lola ­ The one who enchants all with the sweet music of the flute(Murali)

Nanda lala ­ Prince of Nanda

Keshava Madhava Janardhana ­ Names of Lord Krishna

Vanamaala ­ The one who wears the garland (Maala) of the wild flowers (especially the jasmine and tulsi) found in dense forests.

Brindavana Baala ­ The child who moves (wearing the garland) in the Brindavan garden.

Murali Krishna ­ The one who hold the flute

Mukunda Krishna ­ The one who liberates all

Mohana Krishna ­ The one who charms everyone

Krishna Krishna ­ you are that Krishna

Gopi Krishna ­ The one who belogs to the Gopis and Gopas

Gopala Krishna ­ The one who looks after / takes care of the cows

Govardhana Dhara Krishna ­ The one who adorns the mountain Govardhana

Radha Krishna ­ The one who belongs to Radha

Baala Krishna ­ The child Krishna who belongs to everyone

Raasavilola Krishna ­ The one who Blissfully dances with Radha and Gopis

Shirdi Krishna ­ The one who resides in Shirdi

Parthi Krishna ­ The one who resides in Parthi

Sri Sathya Sai Krishna Krishna ­ The one who resides in all our hearts, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Krishna

Children were made aware that the Bhajans taught in the classroom are available on the website for them to practice at home. We request the parents to make proper use of the website and help their children practice Bhajans at home.

SSE Bhajan

Thought for the day from Prashanthi

Bhajan of the Week

Bhajan: Gopala Radha Lola

Gopala Radha Lola  

Murali Lola Nandalala  

Keshava Madhava Janardhana  

Vanamala Brindavana Bala  

(Sai) Murali Lola Nandalala  


Chant the name of Lord Gopala, the beloved of Radha (devotee). Chant the name of Prince of Nanda, Who moves about in Brindavan garden, wearing a garland made up of many pretty flowers (mainly thulsi and jasmine) found in the forest. Worship lord Keshava,  Madhava and Janardhana.

Bhajan: Sarvatra Govinda Naama Sankeerthana Govinda Hari Govinda

Sarvatra Govinda Naama Sankeerthana Govinda Hari Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda Hari Govinda Hari Govinda

Purana Purusha Govinda Hari Punya Sloka Govinda

Bhaktha Vatsala Govinda Hari Bhagavatha Priya Govinda

Krishna Rama Govinda Hari Rama Krishna Govinda

Rama Rama Govinda Hari Sai Rama Govinda


At every place, always, we love to sing Your Divine name O Lord Hari Govinda. You remove our agonies and bestow bliss. We Love to recite the Divine name with joy and devotion as it is the bridge that connects us with our loving Lord Sainatha, Lord Govinda, You are the Eternal Primal Person who exited before everything; Your sacred name bestows good merits and auspiciousness. O Lord Govinda, You are so affectionate towards Your faithful devotees; you love devotees who are attached to You and who seek Your companionship. O Lord, we love to sing Your Diving name as Rama, Krishna and Govinda Repetition of Your Divine Name 'Sai Rama Govinda' fills our hearts with love and bliss.

What is the goal of human life? At ages 20, 30 , 40 onwards

Mrs. Geeta Ram comes from a family which has been associated with Swami for the last four generations. She is the daughter of Dr. Padmanabhan, an ardent devotee and a familiar figure in 'Brindavan', Swami's ashram in Bangalore. Her great grandfather, Mr. Seshagiri Rao, came to Swami in 1943 and was the temple priest of Prashanthi Nilayam for many years. Having come to Swami at a very tender age, Mrs. Geeta Ram's life is full of wonderful Sai experiences and amazing anecdotes which are both interesting and illuminating. Currently, she lives in Washington, DC.

This is the talk we aired on Radio Sai sometime back. Full of wonderful instances, we have divided this talk into two parts, Part I and Part II , for ease of reading.


Whenever I talk about my own experiences, the child growing up at His Feet or about my youth or adulthood, I always go back in time and enjoy that incident. I was fortunate enough to be born in a family, where my great grandfather came to Swami in 1943, so ever since then we have had the fortune to enjoy His physical presence since we were living in Bangalore.

The First Incident…

In my childhood it used to take almost 11 hours to go to Puttaparthi, by train, bus, bullock cart, walking and wading in the river. We had Swami with us from 6 in the morning until 10 in the night. In fact my great aunt used to tell Swami, “Please go now we have to do our household work. You are always with us and we can not wash our clothes.” It sounds like a dream.

Now He tells us, “My blessings are with you, you can go now.” In those days He would call us and say, “Stay one more day.” I will now share with you the first incident if not for which I would not be speaking before you today if

it were not for His Grace a month ago. On November 22nd last month at our Sai centre in South Bethesda, we had planned a very big 4day programme for Swami’s Birthday, for Thanksgiving weekend. Our programme would begin on the 23rd afternoon, so on 22nd evening I had been very busy. I had been the Education coordinator there, and since it was a big programme I had been very busy for 3 months getting the children ready.

ATM Robbery

So on 22nd evening around 5.30pm I decided I would buy some flowers and fruits for my morning worship; so I went to a store, which happened to be in a very big shopping area. There was a crowd buying things for Thanksgiving, and on the way I went to an ATM. I parked my car to draw some money and opened the door to get out, but as I did so a man ran over the grassy area from behind and opened the back door of my car and got in. He put his left arm around me and in his right hand he had a knife which he put to my throat and said, “Drive, drive, drive!”

Read more…

Celebrating Guru Purnima

Shankavi being both an active participant and a detached reporter provides a succinct summary of Mill Hill’s celebrations.

The festival of Guru Poornima is one of the most significant dates in the Sai calendar. Guru means one who dispels darkness of ignorance. 'Gu' means one who is beyond attributes (gunas), 'ru' implies one who is beyond forms (rupas). It is a day dedicated for offering gratitude to the Guru.

This year Guru Poornima fell on Tuesday the 19th of July, therefore Mill Hill Sai Centre decided to celebrate it on both Sunday and Tuesday morning. The Guru Poornima celebrations on Sunday morning commenced with Nagar Sankeerthan. Swami has said that Nagar Sankeerthan is a great sadhana a mass spiritual awakening.

The devotees went around the Sai centre, the men chanting the Rudras whilst the ladies offered beautiful Bhajans, purifying the atmosphere. This was followed by an hour of uplifting and truly exhilarating Bhajans lead by the MHSC youth.  Recently, our Muslim brothers and sisters celebrated the wonderful festival of EidalFitr. The young children of Group 1 took the challenge to help us understand the importance of this festival, its meaning and its significance within Islam by offering a presentation. The children wore colourful attires, signifying the festive mood. It was evident that a lot of effort and hard work had gone into this very informative, yet enjoyable presentation. The children concluded their assembly with a joyous song.

Following this, the SSE children chanted the Chapter 12 of the Bhagavad Gita. Praise should be awarded to the children for not only understanding and chanting this scripture so beautifully, but also delivering it with conviction. It was a noteworthy performance.

Concluding the morning's programme was a speech by Shri Chandrasekhar, an ardent devotee of Swami, who was appointed as the southern canteen manager in Prashanthi. The centre was honoured to have him share his experiences with Swami.

To conclude the Guru Poornima celebrations at Mill Hill, we had our annual 5am Bhajans after Suprabhatham. Swami has constantly reminded us that there is only one Guru, that is God. Contemplate on that Guru. We would like to thank Sister Chandima who stepped in at short notice to organise the Guru Purnima bhajans offering.

1. Shankavi - Jaya Ganaraya Sri Ganaraya

2. Sis Denisha - Mother o mother Sai Ma

3. Dharmesh - Parthipuri Guru Dev Puttaparthi guru dev

4. Shubhangi - Guru deva priya deva Sai seva dayamaya

5. Janaki - Bhajore manuva Sathguru deva

6. Shobini - Tuma ho anatha natha bhagavan

7. Sai Lavenya - Jayaguru omkara jaya jaya sathguru omkara jai

8. Yamuna aunty - Om jaya jayaguru Sai mukunda

9. Chandima - Guru brahama guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara... Guru saakshath…

10. Jeevana - Jaya guru deva prabhu Sai deva

11. Vallendra - Sai bhajana bina ukha shanthi nahi

12. Jeevana/Shobini - Manasa bhajore guru charanam .. Sai charanam ...

© 2016 Mill Hill Sai Centre